Grill Buying Guide

MHP (Modern Home Products) offer two lines of gas grills.  Below are the details on both lines: 

AMC Grills by MHP

AMC grills are a modern spin on a classic design.  There are 3 differences between AMC grills and Traditional MHP grills:

1.  AMC grills feature 10 year warranties on all major components (Lifetime warranty on aluminum castings) 

2.  AMC grills have a rotary ignition system as opposed to a push button system.  (No battery required)

3.  All stainless steel on AMC grills is USA MADE .430 grade 

The AMC grill line by MHP offers simplicity to the grill buying process.  They offer post mounted grills and one cart style.  If you are going to move within 10 years of installing your grill at your house, no need to pay for lifetime warranties!  AMC cart models ship in one box.


Traditional MHP Grills

Traditional MHP Grills have a few benefits over the AMC line:

1.  Traditional models feature lifetime warranties on all major components

2.  All stainless steel on traditional models is USA MADE .304 grade (except burner)

3. Traditional models feature more customization to fit your exact application  

When you select a Traditional MHP grill on this site, you will be prompted with several options so that you can custom build your MHP Traditional grill to fit your exact needs and application.  All MHP grills ship with drop down stainless steel side shelves.